FAQs / About The Passed Words Project

How often is the project updated?

The project is updated as often as possible, but is dependent upon the social information we receive. We expect that some books may be 'lost' or 'dead' after being released into the wild, leading to a lack of updates over time.

Some of the information upload takes manual effort, and thus the project may experience short lapses in recency. We do our best to keep everything as updated as possible and to make sure it is as interesting as possible.


When did this project start? When will this project end?

This project was launched in the public space in December, 2016.

The project will carry on as long as possible, with new locations, information, and imagery as long as information is being submitted by users. 


How did you choose the books?

The books chosen are meant to be an eclectic combination of interests, genres, authors, images, and generations. We attempted to choose books that are interesting, 'passable', and intriguing enough to garner attention from the general public.

If you've found our been given one of our books, please don't hesitate to take your time to read it, then pass it along.


How is this project funded?

This project (including Website Hosting, Domain Name, and Book Purchases) was completely self-funded by The Passed Words Project.


Google Maps limits the number of 'layers' that you can add to a map. Each map can hold ten layers of data, so the thirty books are divided; ten each across three maps.

Why are the books split across three maps?

I have a question that's not listed here. 

Contact The Passed Words Project to submit a question or for more information.



Learn about the creator of the project at MarkMichael.xyz